7 Anti-Theft Tips To Keep In Mind: Bike Insurance Online

Going on a much-needed vacation is something that a lot of us dream for months together. And when it finally comes closer, the sense of excitement can at times lead to a few blind spots. If you own a bike, ensure that it is properly protected so that you can ride it after your vacation.

There are lots of instances where bikes get stolen on a regular basis. And it is not specific to some models or locations. Since these theft cases are so random, finding a pattern or logic, at times can be very difficult. Usually, owners are caught off-guard and even their own negligence leads to the bike being stolen. The easier option then is to follow the below essential steps and protect your bike.

  • #1 Cover the bike
  • #2 Steer Lock
  • #3 Alarm
  • #4 Higher the Better
  • #5 Disc Locks
  • #6 Bright Parking
  • #7 Buy Bike Insurance Online

#1 Cover the bike

Irrespective of whether you have a dedicated parking or park it outside, putting a cover is a simple solution. The lesser your bike is visible, the better it is and the more secure it is. Using a normal cover for your expensive bike might also prevent potential theft.

#2 Steer Lock

Apart from the usual ignition lock, getting an additional steering lock can save the day for you. In such instances, the thief has to break two locks instead of one, making it much more difficult. There are several advanced locking systems available in the market which can offer superior protection as well.

#3 Alarm

Using a good alarm system can get the needed attention if someone is trying to steal your bike. However, one needs to be careful with not using the common alarm systems. Simply because a lot of us are so used to the sounds, that it is possible that no one will even notice.

#4 Higher the Better

If you are adding a lock, ensure that it is never close to the ground. The higher up it is, the better it is. If it is close to the ground, it offers additional leverage to the thief to break open the lock. Attaching the lock with the frame is much better than using it on the wheels or spokes.

#5 Disc Locks

A disc lock looks rather small but do not let the size fool you. They are strong enough and have enough power to prevent your bike from being stolen. Addition of a good quality disc lock will ensure that your bike has that added level of protection.

#6 Bright Parking

If you are forced to park your bike outside, ensure that you do so in a well-lit area. Avoiding the shadows or dark areas can come in handy. Also, you can try to lock your bike along with another bike in the parking lot, provided it belongs to someone you know. Something goofy such as an Alarm installed sticker might also go the trick.

#7 Buy Bike Insurance Online

You can either buy bike insurance online or opt for bike insurance online renewal. Apart from enhancing the physical security of your bike with the above methods, you can also beef up the security with the help of a bike insurance online. When you opt for bike insurance online renewal, you have the ability to compare bike insurance. And when you compare bike insurance, you can get a policy that is loaded with features and is light on your pockets as well.

Another good reason for buying a bike insurance policy is to get a legal clearance for riding your bike. The lack of insurance can land you in trouble. If you are caught riding without one, a traffic police might write a hefty challan for you.

Apart from the obvious fear of your bike getting stolen, the changing weather conditions can also pose some threat. Getting comprehensive bike insurance online will keep your bike safe against natural calamities such as flood, cyclone, landslide etc. If you are not too sure about which policy you should pick, Acko General Insurance can help you to figure out the ideal plan.

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