Top 5 CHEAPEST Car Insurance Companies

Getting a good car insurance deal is all about finding the balance between the balance of coverage and the budget you can fit in.


According to our analysis, USAA is offering the lowest rates in the country. It has a low representative rate which is $885 per year.

2, Geico

Geico is the second-cheapest car insurance company with a study rate $1,168 annually. Which is $300 higher than USAA’s representative rate. But 15% cheaper than national coverage.

3, State Farm

State Farm is the third cheapest car insurance company with an annual rate $1,235 per year. State Farm is cheaper than national coverage. And it is the cheapest of all for the profile with a DUI.

4, Travellers

Travellers is the fourth cheapest car insurance company, however the representative premium is $1,257 per year. It’s a bit lower than the average national rates.

5, Progressive

Progressive is the fifth-cheapest car insurance company, however with the best rate for the driver with a DUI and study rate. But it has also most expensive rate for driver with an accident.

How can we compare cheap providers to start saving?

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