Benefits of Roadside Assistance Cover For Two-wheeler Insurance

Imagine that you are desperate to go on a vacation as you have not taken a break from your daily life. You need to break the pattern created by routine. You finally apply for a leave and set out on a five-day vacation. Did we mention that you are a passionate biker? And that you can’t imagine a vacation without your bike or your beloved partner?

So, coming back to when you set out for a vacation, you are exuberant about this road-trip and nothing can hamper this feeling anymore. However, this feeling soon turns sour as two days and one destination later you face a few hiccups in your journey.

Once, you ran out of fuel and had to drag your bike all the way to the petrol pump on an empty stomach. Another instance was when you had a flat tire and had to search for a mechanic in a remote area while you secretly went out to buy a gift on the last day of your trip for your partner and took hours to return. This left you even more frustrated that you were when you had begun your trip.

All the hassle could have been avoided with a simple solution – Car Insurance Roadside Assistance. If you would have bought this cover along with your 2 wheeler insurance, you could have returned completely refreshed after your trip.

Let’s see the two wheeler insurance benefits provided by Roadside Assistance Cover:

      • On-site minor repairs
      • Battery Drain
      • Fuel Delivery
      • Flat tire
      • Towing to a workshop on accident and arrangement of Taxi service
    • How to buy a Roadside Assistance Cover?

    On-site minor repairs

If you face a breakdown on your way and your bike does not start, your 2 wheeler insurance company will send a mechanic to carry out minor repairs on your bike.

  • Battery Drain

Mostly in the rainy season, your bike’s battery might die out leaving you stranded in the downpour. You can take temporary cover and call your two-wheeler insurance company. They will send help to jumpstart your bike’s battery.

  • Fuel Delivery

Bike owners do not always keep their fuel tank full at all times. It may skip your mind and you may run out of fuel after a while. If you do not find a fuel pump in the vicinity, you can call your bike insurer and ask them to provide some amount of fuel which could help you reach the nearest fuel pump.

  • Flat tire

One cannot carry a spare tire while riding a bike as you can in a car. If the tire punctures mid-way, you’ll have to drag your bike all the way to the garage before you can start riding your bike again. If you have a Roadside Assistance Cover, you can simply call your insurance provider, who will send a person equipped with the required tools to seal the puncture and help you ride your bike without taking it to the garage.

  • Towing to a workshop on accident and arrangement of Taxi service

If you get in an accident and your bike is damaged, you can call your insurer to get it towed to a network garage. You do not have to arrange for a towing van. Your insurer may also arrange for a cab for you to help you reach your destination.

Along with the above-mentioned instances, a Roadside Assistance cover also provides coverage for hotel accommodation, medical help, key related issues, etc.

How to buy a Roadside Assistance Cover?

A Roadside Assistance Add-on cover can be bought only with a Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance cover. Buying two-wheeler insurance online is the most convenient way of insuring your bike from various unfortunate events. To buy a two-wheeler insurance policy and the Roadside Assistance cover, visit your preferred insurer’s website. Selecting a two-wheeler insurance plan online is easier than the offline method. Enter details related to you and your bike. Now set the Insured Declared Value and select the Roadside Assistance Add-on.

Read the terms and conditions of your two-wheeler insurance policy before making the payment. The policy document will be sent to your inbox within minutes. Check if Roadside Assistance cover is listed on your policy document, take a printout of the softcopy and always carry this document while riding your bike.

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