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Terms like test, exam, result, etc. often create unwanted pressure. Generally, there is some nervous energy before a test no matter how confident you are. Same holds true for a driving test as well. Are you planning to apply for a learner’s license or a driving license?

Read ahead to know more about what to expect from an RTO online test.

  • Types of Driving License
    • Learner’s License
    • Driving License (Private)
    • Driving License (Commercial)
    • International Driving License/Permit (IDP)
  • Types of Tests
  • Preliminary Test
  • Driving Test

Types of Driving License

There are four types of driving license in an Indian context. One needs to apply for them as and when the need arises. Have a look at the following types:

  • Learner’s License

Before you get your hands behind a steering wheel of the car, or the handle of your bike, you need to get a basic learner’s license. This license gives you the permission to learn driving before you apply for a driving license.

  • Driving License (Private)

After learning to drive, you need to undergo a practical test to prove to the authorities that you are well versed with the nuances of driving a vehicle. Note that there is a different process for applying for a license to drive a private vehicle and a different one to drive a commercial vehicle.

  • Driving License (Commercial)

Those who drive commercial vehicles such as a cab or a truck, need to apply for a commercial driving license.

  • International Driving License/Permit (IDP)

An IDP is necessary to rent and drive a vehicle in certain foreign countries. It often needs to be accompanied by the driving license issued by your country.

Types of Tests

There are primarily two type of driving tests. The first one is a preliminary test which is held before awarding a learner’s license. The second is the driving test which is conducted while you apply for a driving license, both private and commercial.

Preliminary Test

Such a test is a part of the learner’s license process. The authorities need to be convinced that the applicant has basic knowledge regarding a vehicle and driving. The applicant has to pass an RTO online exam that asks multiple choice questions related to the following points:

  • Rules and regulations pertaining to driving on roads
  • Traffic signal and signage
  • Basic duties of a driver in case of an accident
  • Documents to be carried while driving a vehicle

Sample RTO exam question for preliminary test

1. A car needs to be driven through ____

Option 1 – the road’s left side

Option 2 – through the road’s right side

Option 3 – through the road’s center

Correct answer: Option 1

2. It is compulsory for all car drivers to carry what type of insurance?

Option 1 – Breakdown

Option 2 – Third-party

Option 3 – Medical

Option 4 – Comprehensive

Correct answer: Option 2

3. When a traffic light is on red, it indicates that you should…?

Option 1 – Proceed with caution

Option 2 – Maintain your current speed

Option 3 – Slow down

Option 4 – Come to a complete stop

Correct answer: Option 4

4. You accidentally knock down a pedestrian. What is the first thing you should do?

Option 1 – Help the pedestrian

Option 2 – Find a safe place to park

Option 3 – Call the police

Option 4 – Look for witnesses

Correct answer: Option 1

5. When driving on a learner’s license, the learner must…?

Option 1 – Be accompanied by a full license holder

Option 2 – Only drive at night

Option 3 – Not drive at rush hour

Option 4 – Be accompanied by another learner

Correct answer: Option 1

Driving Test

You can appear for the driving test after a month has passed from the date you received your learner’s license. This test has to be attempted after the above mentioned one-month period and before six months of the learner’s license issuing date.

You will be asked to drive a vehicle on the RTO’s driving track. Accompanied by the examiner and instructed to drive on the track, you may be asked to replicate real-life driving situations such as taking a turn at angles, changing gears smoothly, reversing the vehicle, etc. Apart from this, you might also be evaluated on your presence of mind, and for being considerate towards the safety of pedestrians and other drivers.

Drive Safe

A driving license gives you the freedom to drive however, one must also be aware of the responsibility associated with it. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made it mandatory to insure your vehicle to prevent financial losses. Driving an uninsured vehicle is illegal, thus make sure to insure your vehicle and renew it from time to time.

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