This Holi, Check What Your Car’s Color Says About You

Have you ever thought what led you to purchase the car of a particular color? You may say that it is obvious that you like the color hence you chose to opt for it. Yes, that is a valid answer, however, what we are talking about is more of a psychological reason behind the color, beyond the obvious liking.

This Holi, check what your car’s color says about you. Read ahead to know which color means what and check the personality traits associated with it.

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Blue
    • Does Your Four-wheeler’s Color Affect Car Insurance Premium?


What comes to mind when you see city lights reflecting from a shiny black car in the dark of the night? A Batmobile perhaps! The color is associated with power. It is also a style statement. It has been in vogue since ages, hence the word classic is also associated with it. Luxury mixed with elegance, that’s black.

Personality Traits – Powerful, Elegant, Stylish


Those who like to keep things organized prefer the color white. Dust is more noticeable on white cars as compared to other colors. As a result, it needs constant cleaning. Cleanliness and clarity are characteristics related to the color white. In certain religions, white is also termed as a pure color.

Personality Traits – Clear-headed, Clean, Pure


Red is preferred for sports cars, picture Lamborghini. If you see a bright red car zooming around you, you are bound to give it due attention. This attention-seeking quality is linked with the color red. Dynamic color, dynamic attitude.

Personality Traits – Dynamic, Outgoing, Sporty


You will also notice a bright yellow-colored car but not in a way you will see a red car! Yellow is sunshine, yellow is fresh, yellow is joyous. Yellow also seeks attention but is less obvious than red. It is subtle in comparison.

Personality Traits – Fun-loving, Joyful, Young


A silver car has a metallic shine that can transform something dull into something sophisticated and futuristic. Silver is a contemporary color, it is related to being sophisticated. People owning a silver car are classy in a modern way.

Personality Traits – Sophisticated, Classy, Modern


Sitting beside a serene water body looking at the pleasant sky is bound to calm your nerves. Blue is a color that is associated with being cool, calm, and composed. People who own blue cars might not get ruffled too soon.

Personality Traits – Cool, Calm, Composed

Does Your Four-wheeler’s Color Affect Car Insurance Premium?

It doesn’t matter if your car has a Ferrari-red color, unless it is a Ferrari. Currently, the color of the car doesn’t matter, the make and model do. If you have a custom-made color then it might fall under the car modifications category and the car insurance premium might go up.  

Now that you know what your car’s color says about your personality, we would also like to know it. Mention your personality traits in the comments section and share this article with your friends for some fun. Happy Holi!

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